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Papers On Africa
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The Importance of Nubia in the Ancient World: Historical, Geographical and Meroe
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This is a 10 page paper discussing the historical and geographical importance of ancient Nubia. The importance of ancient Nubia, a region which existed from the First to the Sixth Cataracts along the Nile, was very much related to its conflict and economic relationship with ancient Egypt during the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms from 2550-1000 B.C. Nubia, which existed just to the south of the powerful Egyptian kingdom was very much dominated by Egypt and the Nubians adopted many of the Egyptian religious rituals and their writing system. Nubia in turn proved to be very important for the wealth of Egypt as Nubia was the center of commerce along the Nile and united the goods and regions from the south to that in Egypt in the north. In addition, the Nubian region was also a large mining area for gold and electrum as well as the production of hard rock and copper necessary for the building industry. Nubian laborers, craftsmen and archers were also valued by the Egyptians during their eras of great production and defence. Nubia further proved its importance when the New Kingdom began to collapse and Egypt was severed into rivaling states. At this time, the Nubian kings protected Thebes, reunited Egypt and ruled over both Nubia and Egypt until 663 B.C. when the Assyrians attacked. The Nubians moved south and later established the Kingdom of Meroe which continued its relationship with its southern trading partners and maintained an independence which increased the strength of the Nubian culture and writing system until 300 A.D. Overall, the Nubian region and people were responsible for much of the economic stability as a major center of trade and the continuing production of precious metals and building materials in addition to the maintenance of this trade during the end of the domination of Egypt in the region. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: TJimNub1.rtf

The Influence Of African Art in Haiti
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A 10 page paper that describes the influences of African art on Haiti and looks at some early Haitian artists and considers the role of their African heritage in the development of their craft. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: Arihaiti.wps

The Interaction of People and the Environment in the High Atlas and Imlil Valley Regions in Morocco
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This is a 7 page paper discussing the interaction between the people and the environment in the High Atlas mountain area in Morocco and the region of the Imlil valley. The High Atlas mountain area in Morocco and the region of the Imlil valley have traditionally been considered a harsh climate populated only by the Berbers tribe which have farmed and grazed on the highlands. Traditional crops have included barley, almonds and grains which have been sustained in terraced irrigation fields connected by complicated canal systems. The irrigation system was needed to allow farmers to continue to grow through the drought seasons in the area while the major source of precipitation was water which melted from the snow on the mountains. Recently, environmentalists have become concerned with the expanding population in the area and the over grazing and wood collection of the mountain regions. Recent protection projects have proposed restricting the grazing in the area to preserve the environment. While this may preserve the environment and promote tourism, also increasing greatly in the area, it is estimated that the farmers who depend on the grazing will suffer for it. The introduction of newer roads in the area to aid in tourism and rural access has allowed the farmers to expand their crops to include perishable goods such as fruits. While these new roads may increase the income levels in the area, the roads may also be detrimental to the environment by increasing the traffic levels in combination with an increase in the number of chemicals and fertilizers for the new crops. Although, historically the people of the region, the Berbers have sustained their lifestyle by adapting to the harshness of their environment by irrigating their crops and migrating while grazing, the increase in tourism and new roads may actually lead to an eventual irreversible erosion of the ecosystem in the area. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: TJMoroc2.rtf

The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano
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A 3 page paper discussing the biography and purposes of this former slave in publishing his Narrative in 1789 (1791 in the United States). Equiano illustrated to European and American readers the civilization of his people and the barbarism of the white slave traders, upending the common notion of who was “civilized” and who was not. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: KSOlauEquiano.rtf

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